Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What you watched on the Olympics last night

What you watched on the Olympics last night:
Women's halfpipe - What a surprise, the U.S. takes gold and silver.
Pairs figure skating - U.S. not a factor.
Men's speed skating - Second speed skater not named Apolo wins gold for the U.S.

What you missed:
#4 Villanova beat #1 Connecticut 69-64. Nova led 33-32 at halftime, gave up 13 straight points to start the second period and then ripped off a 17-2 run of their own and never trailed again. Great game.

Wizards lose to Hornets 97-96. Wizards led 55-36 after a Gilbert Arenas basket to open the third quarter but reverted to bad defensive habits, giving up 35 points in the third quarter. That's right, first two quarters, 36 points, third quarter, 35. Neither team played well in the fourth, but the Wizards trailed 95-94 when Arenas missed a jumper with six seconds to go. The rebound got kicked around until Antawn Jamison picked it up and threw in a shot from the baseline with 0.5 seconds left. Now, I don't mind that the clock stops on a made basket, otherwise the team that scored would find a way to obstruct or delay the other team as time runs out, but I hate that the Hornets get to call timeout and then inbound the ball on the other side of halfcourt. Which they did and found David West wide open for the game-winner. Tough loss for the Wiz because they had just swept a five-game homestand to get over .500 for the first time since November. Still, the good news is, they are tied for the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. As long as they can stay out of the 7 or 8 spot, they avoid Detroit and Miami in the first round of the playoffs and that's where you want to be.

Dave Chappelle on "Inside the Actor's Studio." If you don't like sports at all, this was the place to be last night ( okay, I don't watch "24"). This show is best when James Lipton is made to be the foil and the butt of jokes rather than attempting to be a penetrating interviewer. It can be awful, especially the insipid questionnaire at the end, but the shows with Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Mike Myers and Kevin Spacey (Lipton had him do many, many dead-on impressions) were memorable, entertaining episodes worth watching more than once. Last night was great because Chappelle kept Lipton off-guard (actually paid him $200 cash from his pocket when Lipton demanded royalties for a satire sketch). Best line was when Lipton pulled his usual stunt of asking the guest to dance, citing all the famous stars who had acquiesced. Chappelle resisted but then gave in saying, "I've been dancing for the white man for 17 years, why stop now?" They also showed hilarious clips from his Comedy Central show.

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