Friday, February 10, 2006

More TK on MNF

For those who are wondering what the Monday Night Football Broadcast will sound like, I would like to provide the following as a public service.

Mike Tirico: Brady back to pass...pressure from the Steelers...and Brady has to throw it away.
Joe Theismann: Mike, the Steelers are doing a great job disguising their defenses. That time it was Troy Polamalu who blitzed off the edge.
Tony Kornheiser: So what's the problem? When I went to Harper College, we were blitzed off the edge every weekend. Of course, it's called SUNY-Binghamton now. And they changed the nickname to the Bearcats. Bearcats! In four years of college, I never saw a single Bearcat, except maybe that one time when I was blitzed way over the edge.
MT: Brady on play's complete just short of a first down. Polamalu in on another tackle for the Steelers! He is everywhere.
JT: Mike, Bill Belichick told us yesterday that the Patriots have to know where Troy Polamalu is on every play.
TK: Polly Malu? I think I dated her sister, Betty Malu. I wonder if she's still gettin' it done?
MT: Big decision for Belichick here on fourth and one.
JT: New England could really set the tone here if they get the first down here, Mike.
TK: Binghamton serves the worst cheeseballs at the alumni receptions. You know, the kind with the nuts on the outside. Does anyone actually like those nuts? I hate those nuts! And when you try to spread the cheese, the cracker breaks apart and then you got nothing. Do they have those at the Notre Dame alumni parties, Joe? You probably get shrimp, and open bar, too I bet.
MT: Patriots have their short yardage package in...Brady under center.

JT: It's going to be tough to get this play off with all the noise this crowd is making...the Patriots tried to simulate this in practice all week, but I dont think they realized just how loud -
TK: Are they booing Brady? Why are they booing Tom Brady? Hello, the guy is the greatest Super Bowl quarterback since Joe Montana, and they're booing him? I mean, come on, Brady, Montana, Bradshaw, that's it, that's the list! They wouldn't boo Terry Bradshaw, would they?


AJ said...

This is very funny, Bill. Welcome to Blogland!

Blaine from Maine said...

Very funny.