Wednesday, February 15, 2006 hates Norway

The only question I need an answer to today is, what did Norway ever do to anger If you go to the Olympics page, you see a medal count on the right hand side. As I type this, it shows Russia in the lead with nine total medals, followed by the U.S. and Germany tied with seven. Every other news source I can find has Norway in the lead with 11. In fact, if you click on "medals" in the menu at the top of Olympics, the page that pops up gives the correct count, but that news has not made it to the front of the Olympic page.

So the question is, why the snub? Is there some contractual arrangement that the United States must be in the top two in the medal counts listed on the front page? Maybe the webmaster had a bad breakup with his Norwegian girlfriend. Whatever the reason, I think this is really unfair. Norway doesn't have much. Henrik Ibsen, fjords, the Norwegian Elkhound, "Norwegian Wood," and that's about it. It's next to Sweden, and Sweden's got ABBA, SAAB, IKEA, Volvo, the Swedish Bikini Team, and of course the meatballs. Talk about feeling inferior, Norway needs all the help it can get. So come on, set aside your grudge, get over that Norwegian girl (plenty of fish in the sea), and give Norway the front page respect it has earned and deserves.


bierword said...

To your point, Norway may have "Norwegian Wood" on its credit list, but it doesn't even come close to the "Best In Scandinavian Lumber" award winner ... Mrs. Tiger Woods.

Bill Fitzgerald said...

Well said, Mr. Bird, and if I knew how to post pictures here, I'd show the people what you are talking about.