Monday, March 05, 2007

Big Red Break

Brian "don't call me Da" Vinci wants to see less American Idol and more Cornell sports here on FitzFacts. The best I can do is say that there will be no AI until at least Wednesday. As far as Cornell, any mention at all would be more, I suppose, so let's see ... the Big Red men's hoops team finished 16-12, 9-5 in the Ivy League, a nice mark but not enough to get back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since I sported some seriously hideous facial hair. Cornell basketball was best summed up by then Coach Mike Dement, who, after losing to Syracuse, was quoted as saying, "They've got a 6-9 guy who next year will be in the NBA, and we're trying to guard him with a 6-3 guy, who next year will be getting his MBA." Tougher times for the women's basketball team who went 12-15, 8-6. Kudos to the underpublicized wrestling team, which will send eight grapplers to the NCAA Championships, and of course, watch out for the hockey team, which hosts a quarterfinal round of the ECAC Tournament next weekend. For more information, call the Big Red hotline at 255-2385!

Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled Monday, which, as it almost always does, features the local college basketball poll. But first, congrats to Big Stein and the lovely Mrs. Big Stein, who became parents last week. The Bog Poll continues during his paternity leave, but will appear sans pithy comments, but you can always get plenty of those right here. My votes are below, but let me beat you to the punch and say that these rankings are ridiculous and utterly indefensible. The results of the last two weeks have made it nearly impossible to place these teams in any sort of rational order. So, I would be more surprised to see learn that you agree, rather than disagree with them.

Maryland regains the top spot, just barely, over Georgetown. I know the Hoyas won 11 in a row and lost to a desperate team at Syracuse, but Maryland has been a beast lately and I'm sure Duke was every bit as motivated as Cuse. Either way, it's very close but then a big drop to the mess that begins at #3 and ends at #8. VCU moves ahead of Old Dominion and the puzzling UVA Cavaliers and the baffling Va. Tech Hokies. GW is close behind them, and George Mason is probably going to get a lot more credit than they deserve (unless they win tonight, in which case, they do deserve it). Anyway, before I change my mind again, here they are:
1. Maryland
Terps win seventh in a row, Gary Williams reportedly recruiting sons of Keith Hernandez, Mookie Wilson and Lenny Dykstra.
2. Georgetown
When asked about Georgetown’s chances for an NCAA berth, radio announcer Rich Chvotkin repilies, “Hoyas in! Hoyas in! Hoyas In! Hoyas in! Hoyas in!”
3. VCU
Billy Packer gives Rams kiss of death, picks them to win against George Mason tonight.
4. Old Dominion
After losing to George Mason, Monarchs’ Coach Blaine Taylor said he hoped this would finally get his colleague Jim Larranaga some well-earned recognition.
5. Virginia
Apparently, much like Miami, Winston Salem has a strong Puerto Rico vibe.
6. Virginia Tech
This is the part of the roller coaster ride where Seth Greenberg gets off and throws up, and then he and his friends run and get in line to go on it again.
7. GW
Colonials now travel to the A-10 Tournament in Atlantic City, where, if they’re smart, they’ll buy a bag of lemons and try to find Susan Sarandon.
8. George Mason
If they win tonight … dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.
9. Loyola
The bad news is the Greyhounds lost. The good news is they don’t have rabies, so Travis doesn’t have to go out back and shoot them.
10. American
I almost gave this spot to the Harlem Globetrotters, whom I saw at the Towson Center yesterday. They’ve got the record but their strength of schedule is very weak, and frankly, could use some variety.


bierword said...

How about a shout to the Big Red Wrestling program that won the conference championship for the first time since 1993 and qualified 8 wrestlers for the NCAA...Good Stuff

Bill Fitzgerald said...

Mr. Bier, I mentioned the Cornell wrestling team at the end of the paragraph, so either you didn't read closely or you're not familiar with the term "grapplers." It's part of the established lexicon of silly sportwriting terminology where: wrestlers = grapplers, basketball = cagers, soccer = kickers or booters, and baseball = nine or batsmen.

bierword said...

with all due respect to Colleen McRae as soon as you mentioned women's basketball i must have stopped reading.

Bill Fitzgerald said...

I was all set to get on my high horse and chastise you for being so narrowmminded when I realized that the first mention of Cornell sports on this blog was also the first mention of women's basketball. Point taken.