Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mini Madness

For those of you who only read the nonsports posts in this blog, you are probably not going to see many items of interest over the next four weeks.

Selection Sunday is still four days away, but bracketmania has already taken hold in our house. Monday, my sons made me find and print out brackets for the Atlantic 10 and ACC Tournaments. Both boys are picking the Colonials to win the A-10 but not over #2 seed Charlotte; one has #3 seed LaSalle in the final while the other takes #10 Xavier. Neither is that much of a stretch as Xavier is only two-and-a-half games behind Charlotte in the standings. The Musketeers have struggled recently though, losing three of their last four. while LaSalle has rallied from a 2-4 league start to finish 10-6. Of course, I like the Colonials to win, but I think it will be tough for them to win three games in three days without Pops and Montrell McDonald, who is still suspended. Still, they haven't lost in more than two months, so why start now?

In the ACC, my older son is taking a "they beat Duke, so they must be great" strategy, picking North Carolina to beat Florida State in the finals. The younger boy is sticking with the Blue Devils, but he likes the hometown Terps to advance to the finals before falling. Are they obsessed? I don't know, if you are in third grade and you go online and write out longhand the starting lineups of all 12 teams in the tournament, does that make you obsessed?


John said...

Let's get one thing straight Fitzgerald boys. Carolina is the best team in the ACC. I am proud to say that they will win the tournament. They are peaking at exactly the right time. Likely they will have to beat Duke again, but they will. One more, oh by the way, Tyler Hansbrough is getting all the publicity, but David Noel is the most improved college basketball player I have ever seen. A few years ago he did not even belong in a Carolina uniform.

Also, watch out for the future bracket busting USA Jaguars. They crushed Western Kentucky last night to win the Sunbelt Conference (the what?). They will be a 13 or 14 seed in the NCAA's and I predict they will win their first game (unless it is against UNC), but not make it into the second weekend. They are coached (probably for the last year) by none other than the former Kentucky high school player of the year, John Pelphrey. Pelphrey is a Pitino and Donovan disciple who will likely be snapped up by a major program in a few weeks.

And that is the extent of my basketball knowledge. Anyway, this is not my blog.

Bill Fitzgerald said...

Tyler Hansbrough looks like Karl Malone to me. He has the best footwork I have seen since Tim Duncan. He makes those post moves where he seems to cover 15 feet, but when they show the replay, there is no travel. And he sheds defenders like Jim Brown running in the open field. The question is, if the Heels win the tourney, what seed do they get?

I did see a few minutes of the South Alabama win. Enough to notice Pelphrey, but not much else.