Tuesday, March 28, 2006

21st Century Idol on Fox

Songs from the 21st century tonight on American Idol, so as a 39-year old man, I am setting the over-under on songs performed tonight that I will know at 4. Taylor must be at a complete loss because he has not done a song yet that was written in the last 30 years. I was hoping Chris would cover a Nirvana tune, but then I realized that would be 20th century. Ace will have his choice of former boy-band singers turned solo artists. Kellie will go with either Shania Twain or Faith Hill, not that I'll know the difference. Likewise, Bucky should take a shot - and it may be his last - at either Brad Paisley or Travis Tritt. Paris and Lisa will choose songs that they first heard in elementary school. Whatever Mandisa does will be great and vice-versa for Katharine. When Elliott performs, I'll be too busy checking on the progress of the AI makeover to notice his song.

Reviews tomorrow.

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