Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mailbag Night Football

Tony Kornheiser was back on the air this morning after a trip to Orlando for the NFL winter meetings. He read the following email:

Dear Mr. Tony,

Welcome back. Hope you had a nice time. I have a few questions:

1. Did Art Modell show up, just out of habit? Was he wearing a camel hair coat?

2. Were Dan Snyder and Steve Bisciotti allowed to sit at the grownup table this year?

3. Who has the better plastic surgeon, Jerry Jones or Barry Manilow?

3. At dinner, did you have to stand on a chair and sing the Harper College fight song? Do you know the Harper College fight song?

4. Who went to bed earlier, you or Ralph Wilson?

Phoenix, MD

For the record, Mr. Tony's answers were:
1. (Silence)
2. Yes they were.
3. Jerry Jones. When you get close to him he looks almost lifelike.
4. There is no Harper College fight song.
5. That's a tough call, might have been me.

Another devoted TK fanatic known to me only as Alan in Chattanooga has show archives in MP3 format. If you would like to hear today's mailbag click here. Mine is about a third of the way through the clip. If it doesn't work, it's because I know nothing about technology. If it does, props to Alan.

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