Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yesterday's News

I know Monday is usually Poll Day, but the Pinewood took precedence in many ways the last week. Of course, I submitted my votes before Georgetown lost at Syracuse last night, so just pretend that didn't happen yet. Maryland gets the big boost to #2 from its win over Carolina and Virginia tumbles perhaps a bit too much for losing at Miami. Lots of wins in the top seven, too many losses in the bottom three. Other than George Mason, I think all of these teams have a shot at winning their conference championship, so watching some of the early conference tourney games should be fun this week. Here's where I have them.

1. Georgetown
John Thompson calls Karl Hobbs, asks to borrow the term “overachieving.”
2. Maryland
Terps making a bigger comeback than Jackie Earle Haley.
3. Virginia Tech
Seth Greenberg stuns college basketball world by announcing that he is openly metrosexual.
4. Old Dominion
They have won 11 in a row, they beat Georgetown at Georgetown, and they are still three spots behind the Hoyas. This is why dead people get elected to Congress in this country.
5. Virginia
Miami’s proximity to Puerto Rico causes Cavaliers to stumble.
6. VCU
24-6. Yeah, that’s about where I had them this year.
7. GW
Domain name firekarlhobbs.com becomes available in a two-for-one special with firegarywilliams.com.
8. Loyola
After the Greyhounds beat the Golden Griffins, Jimmy Patsos makes good on his promise to take them to the Golden Arches.
9. George Mason
About as much fun to watch as Perry Mason.
10. American
Loss to Bucknell in Patriot League semifinals seems almost as inevitable as an Oscar for Martin Scorsese.

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