Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super Poll

Okay, it's Tuesday and I know what you're thinking. "Where is the college basketball poll? I mean, how am I supposed to get through my week without knowing how FitzFacts ranks the Top 10 men's Division I college basketball teams in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.?" Come on, I'm sure you had enough Super Bowl stuff to get you through yesterday, but since you asked (although it would have been nice if you'd said, "Please"), here's what I got:

Georgetown wins at Madison Square Garden and moves into the top spot. Admittedly St. John's is not what it used to be, but it is still better than St. Peter's, St. Bonaventure, St. Joe's (I think), both St. Francises, and Mount Saint Mary's. Virginia is hotter than the back of Joe Biden's neck and shoots up to second (Anybody with me on predicting a second-tier ACC finish for Duke? Could very easily happen.) The next four teams all lost at least one game last week. Old Dominion is suddenly trying to challenge the top tier, and the bottom three haven't changed much. Big Stein has them almost the same as I do:

1. Georgetown
JTIII credits trans fat-free pregame meal at Marriott Marquis Hotel for Hoyas’ victory at St. John’s.
2. Virginia
Dave Leitao must convince Cavaliers not to look past upcoming games at Maryland and Virginia Tech in anticipation of hated foe Longwood next week.
3. VCU
Hofstra leaves the gun, takes the cannoli, and ends Rams 10-game win streak.
4. Virginia Tech
Boston police department’s antiterrorist unit confiscates Seth Greenberg’s clipboard, citing suspicious drawings that resemble the basketball court located inside BC’s Conte Forum.
5. GW
Karl Hobbs asks official for a technical at St. Louis but doesn’t get that call either.
6. Maryland
Mike Jones held scoreless in win at Wake Forest as Demon Deacons confuse him by blitzing safeties and dropping down linemen into coverage.
7. Old Dominion
ODU players shake off chants of “O –D-US! O-D-US!” from clever George Mason fans, win fifth straight.
8. George Mason
Life comes at you fast, Jim Larranaga.
9. Loyola
Jimmy Patsos forced to defend himself against charges of making "Marist" remarks in postgame press conference.
10. Towson
If the Tigers keep this up, they’ll play themselves right out of the draft lottery.

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