Monday, February 12, 2007

The Poll Must Go On

What a lousy sports weekend. After a week to prepare, GW gets crushed at home by Xavier. Ditto for the Wizards against Portland, but at least they can blame Jamison's injury. And the Pro Bowl was "played." Look for the NFl to boost ratings by adding a "Pros vs. Joes" angle next year, like the Grammys with Justin Timberlake last night. (No, I didn't watch the show, but here's what I thought of last year). So, it's Monday, and the Poll never sleeps, unless it drank way too much sangria the night before, but that, my friends, that is a different post, hopefully to come later in the day.

So, Georgetown stays on a roll and stays on top, upsetting Marquette for its seventh straight win. Virginia Tech dumps 12 feet of New York style blizzard on UVA's hot streak, and VCU's air of invulnerability dissipates like, well, air. Maryland's NCAA hopes are upgraded from critical to serious, and Old Dominion looks like it could give the selection committee another CAA headache this March. GW "foggy" bottoms out, and is very close to joining the also-rans at the bottom of the poll.

1. Georgetown
Hoyas dismantle Marquette, located in Milwaukee, pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land."
2. Virginia Tech
A.D. Vassallo outscores J.R. Reynolds 22-21 in Tech’s win over UVA, sets sights on B.A Walker for Bog Poll “Initials for Name” Top Scorer honors.
3. Virginia
Cavaliers’ 57 points against Virginia Tech their lowest total of the year, but only two fewer than they scored against Puerto Rico-Mayaguez.
4. VCU
Team distracted by possibility that Anthony Grant could be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter.
5. Maryland
Terps hand Duke their fourth straight loss. Cameron Crazies download couch-burning how-to’s from
6. Old Dominion
Old Dominion suddenly more fun than King’s Dominion.
7. GW
Xavier shows GW the meaning of strict Jesuit discipline.
8. William and Mary
The Number 8 spot is traditionally reserved for the third-best CAA team in the Bog Poll.
9. Loyola
Greyhounds lose to Fairfield twice in one week, thereby placing themselves on Bog Poll double-secret probation.
10. George Mason
Patriots clinging to the Number 10 spot like Wile E. Coyote clinging to a tree branch on the side of a cliff.

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joe said...

Maryland beat Duke and now Clemson to get to 500 in the ACC. I believe they've won 4 straight. They have 20 wins on the season. Do they make to the "dance" at this point?
Finally who gets to play Cinderella at this years dance
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