Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wizards Fever - It happens to me every year!

The title of this post refers of course to the 1977 Nils Lofgren tune, "Bullets Fever," a tribute to that year's NBA Champions. Could this be the year for a classic rerelease? See my first round NBA playoff preview at to find out.

Anybody have another favorite sports team championship song? Of course the Bears had the "Superbowl Shuffle," complete with the video so brilliantly lampooned by Saturday Night Live ("I am kicker, I kick touchdowns!"). The Redskins had a horrible riff on Hank Williams "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" for one of their Super Bowl runs, and there was "Bully Bullets" to the tune of "Wooly Bully," which was awful. And didn't I have to hear some Red Sox dreck over and over again two years ago? Most of these songs are absolutely forgettable, but I still remember most of the lyrics for "Bullets Fever" ("they got by the Iceman ... Seattle was stunned). Anybody else want to nominate a particular favorite?

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