Monday, January 30, 2006

White Shadow in The Office

I've only seen two episodes of "The Office," but the Christmas party show was such a deadon zing of office "holiday" parties, I'm going to have to start looking for it more often. Anything with a "Daily Show" alum has to be worth at least one look.
And it's always nice to see Ken Howard pop up onscreen as he did on The Office the other night. Just as when I saw him on a "West Wing" that endlessly runs on Bravo or when I took my kids and my horse-crazy wife to see "Dreamer," I said, "Hey, White Shadow!" out loud as soon as he appeared. A quick check of IMDB shows that he's done a lot of TV and movie work since The White Shadow, but never as a lead. That's fine with me since he'll always be the gruff, ex-NBAer whose career-ending knee injury forced him to take charge of the lovable, talented knuckleheads who comprise the Carver High basketball team.

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