Monday, December 18, 2006


I had a request recently for something other than sports, and I always tried to accomodate my tiny yet diverse readership, but I have two problems. First, there are tons of sports stories to cover today. Second, outside of sports, right now, I got nothing, creatively speaking. So instead of any snarkoleptic FitzFacts drollery, I offer up the following links to several stories from today's Baltimore Sun, which apparently has a new motto, Christmas Lights for All:

Have you seen the commercial with the little boy and his sister joyfully screaming their heads off after he unwraps a coveted toy on Christmas morning? If you haven't, turn on your television and wait about three minutes. It's an ad for BMW, but the home video is real and only slightly altered. Naturally, the clip took off after it was posted on YouTube and now has its own website. My favorite part of the original video is how quickly the boy shifts from his ecstatic celebration to opening the next gift. Get the full story from the Sun's Joe Burris.

Forget about Red State vs. Blue State, fake tree vs. real, white lights vs. multicolored, my man Kevin Cowherd breaks down the gift card debate. Sorry KC, I'm with your wife on this one. The gift card is one very small step from, as Randy Moss said, "Straight cash, homey," and we know how well that worked out for George and Jerry on Elaine's birthday.

Finally, if you've already had it up to here with the holidays, then let's transition back to sports with a selection from Rick Maese, who gives us a thoroughly modern response to a classic Christmas question.

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