Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September Morn

Just a couple quick notes for this morning before I tackle a larger topic.

The writer Edward P. Jones has a new collection of short stories out, titled All Aunt Hagar's Children. I've seen and heard some of what serves as the publicity blitz for this lesser known fiction writer, including a review in the Baltimore Sun by a Chicago Tribune writer and a long interview on
NPR. Jones won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, The Known World, but I have always enjoyed his stories, which are almost always about the everyday life of African-American residents of Washington, D.C. Anyone who has lived in Washington long enough to appreciate that the city is made up of much more than a power struggle for the federal government will enjoy reading Jones' work.

Rodin, Renoir, Rocky?
Philadelphia has a lively debate going about the appropriate location for a statue of Rocky Balboa. Now, I, too, have run up the steps of the museum and done the shadowboxing Rocky dance at the top, but I tend to agree that this statue doesn't really deserve the company of great works of art. However, I would be interested to learn more about the cultural significance of the statues of Prometheus, John Paul Jones, and Lafayette that are displayed outside the musem. If none of those rise to the level of the works by Rodin and Renoir that are inside the museum, then I think there is room for Rocky.

Tiger wins again (yawn)
The somewhat blase reaction to Tiger Woods' fifth straight PGA Tour victory only puts into perspective how much his greatness no longer surprises us. He's not even halfway to Byron Nelson's record of 11 straight, a record that has DiMaggio hit-streak status in the golf world, but one more win would tie him for the second longest streak. Woods' own reaction? "It's nice when you get on a roll like this where things are just happening." You know, Tiger, for most of us, a nice roll is par-birdie-par, not five weeks of playing better than anyone on the planet.

Farewell to Andre
Andre Agassi lost in the third round of the U.S Open. I doubt I'll watch another match in the tournament. When I was a kid, Grand Slam events were appointment television, but unless there is a dramatic storyline, it's hard for me to muster any interest.

Must Not See TV
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's death was apparently videotaped. I hope I never see this tape.

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